Download Quickbooks File Doctor Tool

Quickbooks File Doctor tool is one of the integrated tools in the Quickbooks 2016 and later versions that is introduced to troubleshoot Quickbooks 6000 series error. The file doctor tool can be used to troubleshoot errors with the Quickbooks Company files. The tool can automatically detect and diagnose the error without any human effort. You need to just start the Quickbooks file doctor tool and it will automatically check the file that is causing the error and will troubleshoot it.

If you are looking forward to knowing more about Quickbooks file doctor tool then you are at the right place. We will help you in understanding how you can use the Quickbooks file doctor tool along with how you can download and install this Quickbooks tool.Quickbooks File Doctor

The Quickbooks File doctor tool can be used if you are facing issues while opening a company file or you are getting 6000 errors. You need to use this tool to repair the damaged company files. However, the File doctor tool can be also used to troubleshoot network connection issues in Quickbooks software.

Issues that can be Resolved With Quickbooks File Doctor Tool

  • If you are getting any of these error messages while using the Quickbooks software such as Quickbooks error -6000 -82, Quickbooks Error -6000 301, Quickbooks error 6000 – 305, Quickbooks error -6130, or you are getting any kind of issue while opening the Quickbooks company file.
  • If the Quickbooks Vendors, customer lists are empty.
  • Error while using Quickbooks software in Networking or multi-user access mode such as Quickbooks Error H101, H202, H303, or H505.
  • Not able to access Quickbooks Company file because of damaged data, however you can easily access the sample files.

If you are facing any of the issues listed below then it is recommended to download and install the Quickbooks file doctor tool. The tool will automatically detect and troubleshoot the error.

Things to Keep in Mind While Using Quickbooks File Doctor Tool

  • If you are updating the Quickbooks file doctor tool or you have already installed the tool once then make sure to delete the existing tool before installing the latest release.
  • The Quickbooks File doctor tool is pre-installed after the Quickbooks 2015 version. Hence, if you are still getting error then it is advisable to use external tools to diagnose the error.
  • The file doctor tool is specifically designed to troubleshoot the Quickbooks 6000 series errors and to repair the damaged quickbooks company file that is causing issues while opening the Quickbooks file. The internal version of the Quickbooks file doctor tool requires precise usage. However, if the external tool is not able to troubleshoot the error then it is recommended to contact the experts at Quickbooks. They will help you in understanding the compatibility and usage of the internal file doctor tool. 

Steps to Download and Install Quickbooks File Doctor ToolDownload Quickbooks FIle Doctor

  • Go to the official website of Intuit and download the Quickbooks file doctor tool.
  • Now save the “qbfd.exe” installation file in your local drive.
  • Go to the folder, where you have saved the installation file and then double-click on it.
  • After this, follow the prompted instructions to complete the installation process.
  • The Quickbooks file doctor tool window will start automatically once the installation process will complete.
  • However, if it doesn’t open automatically then go to the start menu and click on the tool or just double-click on the Quickbooks file doctor icon.
  • Now browse through the Quickbooks company file and select the file from the drop-down list.Quickbooks File Doctor
  • After this, mark the “Check file damaged only” option and then click on the diagnose button.
  • If you are using Quickbooks software in Multi-user mode or if you are getting 6000 or H series errors then you need to mark both Check damage file and check network connectivity option.
  • After this, provide your credentials in the password window when asked. If you are using Quickbooks 2011 or older version then you will get a notification to update your files.
  • The update option is optional. Hence, you can skip the update process for now and can update it after the error is resolved.
  • Now, wait until the Quickbooks File doctor tool completes the diagnosis process.
  • Once the process will complete successfully, you will get an option to access the Quickbooks company file directly from the tool and if you are using Quickbooks in multi-user access mode then it will ask you for the version with whom you want to open the Quickbooks file.

So this way you can easily repair your damaged Quickbooks Company file with the help of Quickbooks file doctor tool. In case, You need your Quickbooks license information then follow these steps to retrieve Quickbooks License information. However, if you have any doubts regarding the file doctor tool then you can reach out to experts at Quickbooks.